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Where is Honnête crafted?

This map illustrates the various production locations of Honnête across the globe, each specializing in specific product categories. The sketches indicate which products are produced in the specific countries.



We would like to take you with us to the beginning of our story. Today we open 3 doors to take a look behind the scenes. Our collaborations and our factories, our story, where Honnéte begins. The modernity of the ateliers is an essential element in our choices, in order to guarantee the best working conditions for employees.

Be inspired by these great people in Turkey, India, and China, and meet our long-standing partner ateliers.


Location: Istanbul
Expertise: circular knitted and woven products

Production in Turkey (54,2%)

In Turkey, we collaborate with one factory that produces a significant portion of our woven products, such as blouses, dresses, and pants. This factory is relatively small and located in the city of Istanbul.This factory is crucial to us as we produce more than 50% of our collection with them. The factory truly operates as a family business, fostering a warm and close-knit atmosphere. Fikret is the proud owner of the company. His daughter, Zerrin, takes the lead in operational activities, while Fikret's son is responsible for finances and pattern management. They have been operating since 2000 and currently employ approximately 90 dedicated employees. All products are shipped to the Netherlands from this location via truck. This setup offers the advantage of the factory being able to quickly respond to our requests. 



Location: Delhi | Noida
Expertise: circular knitted products

Production in India (41,6%)

In India, we collaborate with 2 factories, both highly skilled in various aspects of textile production. These factories have proven themselves not only in the use of organic cotton (GOTS and OCS certified) but also in embroidering fabrics and garments. Their expertise and craftsmanship contribute to the diversity and quality of our collections.

One factory is located in Nodia, situated in the heart of India's industrial hub. The factory boasts a skilled workforce and cutting-edge technology, enabling the factory to achieve unparalleled standards of precision and perfection.  At the core of this factory's operations lies our expertise in achieving the perfect fit. Led by seasoned pattern masters and a dedicated technical team, they meticulously craft each garment to ensure optimum comfort and style.

‘’At the heart of our collaboration with the Honnête brand lies our expertise in producing high-quality merchandise. With a team of seasoned professionals and state-of-the-art technology at our disposal, we possess the capability to translate the brand's vision into reality with precision and finesse. From meticulously crafted garments to exquisite accessories, each item bears the hallmark of our dedication to excellence.’’




Location: Hangzhou
Expertise: knitted products

Production China (4,2%)

In China, we currently work with one factory to produce our knitted styles. This long-standing collaboration of more than 15 years enables us to work together on the development and production of beautiful garments. It is a family-owned business with fewer than 50 employees. They bring a lot of experience, knowledge, and inspiration to the table. Due to their small scale, they can operate in a very efficient and flexible way, resulting in a great collaboration